Results of High Criticism and Liberalism in Post-Modern Church Institutes

It is a fact that liberalism and high criticism of Scripture, even if disguised as theology are just doubts with religious vocabulary and takes the church astray from holiness and from the fear of God. In one of my classes I found this statistics taken in the 80’s in a Theological Seminary that had recently adopted this schools of thought and a doctoral student (Noel Hollyfield) did a Thesis that 

asked: Does the Teaching we Receive here Change us? The results of his investigation were that 100% of the freshmen students believed that God exists but after been in the Seminary and graduating with PH.D. only 63% believed God exists (and this is a theology seminar)… same thing happen with those who believed Jesus is the Divine son of God the results of several years in high criticism and liberal seminary was that only 63% of PH.D. believed that Jesus was the divine Son of God; only 37% of the doctoral graduates believed that miracles of the Bible does occurred when they graduated and the most alarming of all was that only 59% of Ph.D. graduates believed that Jesus as Savior is absolutely necessary. This were graduate professionals of the Bible that started their studies as Bible believing man and woman and ended as Bible critics filled with disbelief; those same graduates were supposed to Pastor the flock of the Lord in the next generation. 
Scripture is Scripture, holy and inspired by God, inerrant and even if it was written by mortal men it is the Word of God full of wisdom and is truth. Good for teaching men how to be perfect before God, how to worship him in love and reverential fear… God is God he made us we did no t made him nor can define who He is according to our own ideals and philosophies; He revealed himself through his Word in order for all men to know him and through this knowledge set them free. – Pastor Jaime Galvan, Centro Cree.
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